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This BUD's For You GREG!

My first planned event, since starting this little side hustle of mine, was more of an honor then a j.o.b.! Abby reached out and asked for assistance with planning a special birthday surprise for her hubby Greg. After obviously saying "YES" to the opportunity, I asked what her party ideas were. That's simple she replied, "Budweiser beer and crab dip makes Greg's a happy man"!

That's a true DOCO man right there! And happy was an understatement for how everyone felt celebrating this guy! Cheers, beers, and happy 33 years to you Greg!

A special THANKS to Marcia Christopher at Portside Seafood Restaurant for all the crab dip Greg could eat (we won't mention the beers), Kelly Dean of Flowers N Things who topped off the BUD Vases, and Bonnie Green for her custom balloon designs! My daughter Shelby of Shelby Louise Photography for calming my nerves and capturing these pics!

And those beer cookies were baked up by Brie Walters and they were even yummier to eat then they were to look at!

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